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VR 3D Launcher for CardBoard

Développeur Jorge Toledo
1.5 usd

Easily launch your Cardboard and Virtual Reality apps directly from this simple launcher simply and easily with out removing your phone from your viewer.Look around and when the alien bug is in front of the selected app, the app name will be announced and the globe will get closer to you.
-Globe stops turning after a short gaze-It will launch the app after a long gaze,-Easily switch wallpapers simply by finding then staring at the wallpaper globe.
-Return to VR 3D Launcher from any app simply by nodding your head (NEW FEATURE 02-16-014)
It's really that simple... Enjoy
Designed using Android Studio, Cardboard SDK and Rajawali VR 3D Engine.
DEVICE REQUIREMENTSYour device must have an accelerometer, gyroscope and support openGL ES 2.0These requirements ensure the best performance. The app will not start if it can not detect openGL ES 2.0 or greater